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Патч на европейских сервера.

В основном правили ошибки в интерфейсе(Квесты, НПС, Юзерский интерфейс и т.п.)

Патч на европейских сервера.
Айон: Башня вечности - Патч на европейских сервера.Патч на европейских сервера.

Переводить нет смысла, ничего критичного нет... Очень жаль, что не сделали поиск в брокере по линку, нужно писать имя, хотя брокер чуток поменял.

Patch Notes Client Updates:

    Fixed size of erroneously displayed tooltips window Language Updates


      Fixed Map error in Pandaemonium


      - Fixed several UI errors including auction house and tooltip size UI adjustments

      - Class Chat Channel is no longer deleted and moved to private channel number

      - Community [Web] text has been updated

      - Fixed text error in “Kerub Grain Sack” dictionary entry


      - Fixed Asmodian Stigma Master Neurath in Abyss dialog

      - Fixed items being sold by Proserpina (Elyos) and Kaiot (Asmodian) so they now sell “Fine Dye” and “Superior Dye”

      - Fixed title for NPC Ixion to match map region


      - Fixed Elemental Resistance text on various item tooltips to display properly

      - Fixed Dark Spirit Mace text

      - Fixed Silver medal item spelling error

      - Adjusted text for Interesting Asmodae Book

      - Fixed last lines for “Deep Maternal Love” quest item so they are no longer cut off

      - Changed crafting Letters of Recommendation to be more consistent

      - Fixed last line for “Orders for Randet” quest item so it is no longer cut off

      - Shortened quest item book name for “Project Drakanhammer” quest

      - Fixed last line for “Undelivered Armor” quest item so it is no longer cut off

      - Shortened quest item book name for “Numonerk’s Demand Note” quest

      - Shortened quest item book name for “The Shadow’s Command” quest

      - Shortened quest item book name for “Creating a Monster” quest

      - Shortened quest item book name for “A Message to Sakmis” quest

      - Fixed capitalization issue with Extraction Tool tooltip

      - Corrected discrepancies with Harvest Dye color names

      - Updated several manastone tooltips to display missing enhancement numbers



      - Fixed “A Job for Pobinerk” NPC dialogue Ayunrinrinerk dialog and continue quest button now appears

      - Fixed “Contemplating Klaw Hearts” NPC Senea to now offer continue button to rewards page

      - Fixed “Illegal Logging” issue where NPCs needed to complete quest were not correctly labeled

      - Fixed “The Hidden Truth” visible code in the journal entry


      - Fixed “Intention of Lord Marchutan” so quest counter is now correct

      - Fixed group quest “Weakening the Iceclaws” to display correct number if quest NPCs needed to complete quest

      - Fixed NPC Lainita dialog for “Crafting Commitment” to refer to correct item for quest


      - Updated “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” quest text to be more specific about NPC appearance time and corrected gender quest text issues

      - Fixed grammar issue in “Treasure of the Ancient City” quest text


    - Fixed text and voice mismatch for NPC Erdias Abyss Training cut scene

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