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Песни по Dragon age II

Порыскав в интернете, я нашла две забавные песенки, посвященные персонажам Dragon age II - Варрику и Андерсу. Не знаю, выкладывали ли их раньше, но все же приведу их тексты здесь.

Песня о Варрике -

This is the story

Of a mighty forest of chest hair

It belonged to the sexiest dwarf

Who most will admit was beyond compare

He stood 4’3”

Had eyes that shone like lyrium

Had no beard but his chest alone

Had my heart from day one

Varric when I met you

Didn’t have a sovereign to my name

I’d met your awful brother

But you weren’t the same

It must’ve been cupid’s arrow

You shot at me that day

Introduced me to Bianca

And now all I can say

Varric! You bastard!

You wooed me with your low-cut shirt

And then you left me out to dry

And Varric, Baby

I’d drop everyone else I’ve ever known

If you’d promise to be my only guy

Who could ever choose a mage

Or a sparkly warrior?

A pirate who doesn’t wear pants

A blood mage who wears fur?

I’ll tell you what they share

Why they don’t make my heart explode

They don’t have any chest hair

So they won’t be exploring my Deep Roads

But Varric, he can

He can go spelunking any time

As long as he promises to be true

And Varric, baby,

I’ll love you till we fall into the sky

I’ll do almost anything for you

You may be married to your crossbow

But she ain’t the only one

She can never love you

Like a Champion

Varric! Darling!

Let me be a lumberjack

In the forest on your chest

And Varric, baby,

Let me get a little closer to you

And learn why Hawke’s the very best

(Even Andraste’d be impressed)

(At that thing he’s got on his chest)

Песни по Dragon age II
Dragon Age II - Песни по Dragon age IIПесни по Dragon age II

И об Андерсе -

My boyfriend is the revolution

My renegade mage, he wears feathered pauldrons

I don't need pirates, princes or a blood mage

'Cause with him by my side, we'll beat the final stage

Some girls have a thing for dark and moody

But I'm a sucker for a kitten-lover, brooding

It doesn't matter if you think he's crazy

Running for the wilds, gonna have his babies

We're heading out to where no one can find us

Raise a little family with kittens in silence

Say what you want, call him an Abomination if you will

But I won't let the Man make him a Tranquil

My boyfriend is a revolutionary

My renegade mage, he wears Tevinter jewelry

I don't need guard captains or slaves

'Cause with him by my side, we'll beat the final stage

He's always working, helping people at his clinic

He's the kind of refugee that people want to mimic

I'm falling hard, following my mother's footsteps

Those Ferelden Apostates, they leave me with no regrets

Okay, yes, so he killed the Grand Cleric

But revolutions don't start through good will and some merit

My man glows with a vengeful fury

And those Templars won't give him the right to a speedy and public trial by jury

My boyfriend is the revolution

My renegade mage, my ex-warden absolution

Don't think for one second that I'd leave him

Our love is stronger than the might of the Legion

My boyfriend is the revolution

My renegade mage, won't trust the Tranquil Solution

You might think that's he's going crazy

But I know I can trust my terrorist baby

Песни по Dragon age II
Dragon Age II - Песни по Dragon age IIПесни по Dragon age II

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