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Voices of the Fade

Voices of the Fade
Dragon Age II - Voices of the FadeVoices of the Fade

Da’len, rest your head and close your eyes.

From now on, no one will jeopardize

The things you cherished the most,

So often making you feel lost.

We don’t want someone ever hear your cries.

Help us, make us hear what you hear!

We beg: don’t blame for feeding on the fear

You’re overcoming day by day.

You pray and cry. You cry and pray.

We don’t want someone ever see your tears.

Da’len, can you hear this voice so weak,

Whispering sloppy traces off your cheek

So pale and cold? The pain will fade –

Just try to let it go away,

And let us kiss your wrists with bleeding leaks.

Da’len, just confess and deny not:

You like it when we taste your blood so hot,

Caress your body strong and wild

And rock your soul of a child,

And give you boundless strength to end this plot.

Girl, it’s time to say the secret word

That has been never uttered, never heard.

There’ll be no cries and be no lies,

It’s time to shine! It’s time to rise!

Sweet da’len, this is when you’ll rule the world!

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