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13 полезных и интересных модификаций

На создание этого поста меня сподвигнул оригинал и перевод, который был опубликован в этом блоге пару часов назад.

Здесь даны несколько полезных и интересных аддонов, включая те, которые упоминались ранее.

Графика и физика:

13 полезных и интересных модификаций
Fallout: New Vegas - 13 полезных и интересных модификаций13 полезных и интересных модификаций

С помощью этого мода ваш персонаж в режиме камеры от третьего лица перемещается в центр экрана, и вы также сможете приблизить и отдалить камеру.
13 полезных и интересных модификаций
Fallout: New Vegas - 13 полезных и интересных модификаций13 полезных и интересных модификаций
Этот мод делает цвета мира более реалистичными. После падения бомб прошло более сотни лет, так что по идее мир должен быть немного менее коричневым. =)
Добавляет смертям и расчленению чуть больше реализма.


- мод "все в одном". Он добавляет возможность изменять течение времени относительно реального и скорость прокачки вашего персонажа. Помимо этого, он также изменяет большое количество мелких деталей в сторону большей реалистичности. Этот мод включается не сразу, может занять некоторое время (до 10 минут).

Полный список изменений:

- "Arwen's Option Menu" is added to your inventory, (located in PipBoy, under "Aid"). This is where you can easily change your Timescale and your Reduced XPR Multiplier.

- You can safely change the Timescale, even if you are using the hardcore mode, without the die-in-your-sleep bug, since I wrote a Sleep Quest script that automatically reverts your Timescale back to 30 whenever you are sleeping or waiting, and then sets it back when you wake up. (Once NVSE is released I'll be adding a script that adjusts the three Need Rates, based on your Timescale).

- My Global XPR Multiplier slows down how fast you level up by reducing ALL experience points rewards. Your current total XPR will NOT be reduced . . . just the amount of points you receive from this point forward. The XPR Multiplier is initially set to 25% (it will take you 4 times as long to gain the points you need to level up). The multiplier can be changed at any time in my Options Menu (from 5% to 100%).

- Global tweaks that affect PC, NPCs, and Creatures. For more immersive and better balanced game play, with improved role-playing aspects.

- Carrying Capacity: Strength is now a much larger factor in carrying capacity: Base Weight Capacity was reduce to 50 pounds (from 150), but with each STR point now adds 20 pounds (default was 10); so the range (STR 1-10) is now much greater [default =160 to 250 lbs (1.6X); Realism Core=70 to 250 lbs (3.6X)].

- Fewer HPs for PC, with stats now a much greater factor. The player character's Base Health was reduced by 50%, but the Endurance multiplier was increased by 25%; which makes the END stat a much greater factor.

- And HPs were increased for NPCs and most creatures (by ~ 21% for Level 1; which is still ~30% less than the PC). But the Player Character no longer receives additional HP just for leveling up, while the NPCs/Creatures still receive HPs bonuses at higher levels. NPC still start out with less HPs, but now only the NPCs gain HPs per level (+4 HP/level). The net result is that with 5 END, the PC and the average NPCs will have roughly equal HPs by level 9; and at level 20, NPCs have ~26% more HPs than PC (in the default game, the PC always had 30 to 45% more HPs). This should make higher levels much more challenging.

- Increased Holstered Weapon Speed Bonus (from 10 to 20%). Walking is now 9% faster (than default) when your weapon is holstered. Think of your this as a sprint toggle . . . as long as you remember to holster your weapon, you should now be able to outrun most enemy NPCs.

- RunBack effect slows down your speed when running backward (since you should not be able to run as fast backward as forward). Backward speed is determined by your Agility level, which I carefully balanced with my movement speed changes, to increase immersion, without being overly restrictive. Even with the maximum speed penalty (at AGL=1), you will still be able to run backward 50% faster than you can walk backward. With an AGL of 10, there is only a 10% speed penalty.

- Modified Crippled Speed Penalties: now 40% slower walking/running with one crippled leg and 60% slower with both legs crippled.

- Pain now has greater effect on player - you will now feel like you're actually in pain.

- Radiation Exposure is now 4 times more deadly (but no radiation increase for consumption of food and water).

- More immersive and more balanced VATS. Much quicker VATS playback speed, so you have a bit more time to make defensive moves. You'll now receive normal damage receive while using VATS. Weapons deteriorate twice as fast in VATS as they do in normal combat.

- New Action Points formula: Your agility level is a much greater factor in determining your total number of Action Points, with a MUCH greater range in points. Range [AG:1-10] = 36-90 points (default was only 66-85). And Action Points take 4 times longer to recharge (now you'll actually have to keep an eye on your APs.

- NPCs will be a bit more alert to your presence, will stay alert longer, will spend more time looking for you, and will search a much greater area for you (up to 4 times further than in the default game). NPCs will detect you if they get close.

- Smarter AI: combat with NPCs is now much more challenging, and sneaking is now much more realistic. I have spent a great deal of time trying to balance out all the Combat AI and Stealth settings to mesh together with all my other changes. The end result is a unique set of tweaks that totally changes the way NPCs react during combat. If you are used to the default combat, it will actually feel like the NPCs have suddenly become much smarter. Combat will now be MUCH tougher.

- Your character is now weaker and much more vulnerable, and the NPCs are stronger and healthier.

- Weapon damage has been increased through weapon skills calculations (which affect all weapons globally, including weapons that are added through other mods). But I did this in a way that makes the damage increase with higher weapon skills a bonus, instead of making lower skills a penalty. Even with a Small Gun Skill of only 10, DAM is 25% higher than in the default game at this level . . . and this is before factoring my other DAM increases.

- Increased the Damage Skill Bonus Multiplier (applies to all weapons): Skill now has much more impact on how much damage an actor can do with any weapon.

- Localized Damage improvements were made to all the default body types. Greater health damage from Head and Torso injuries; and much less health damage from limb injuries.

- The condition of the gun has less effect on how much damage it does, but Damaged Guns are a bit less accurate (more spread when damaged).

- Damaged Guns will not fire as fast, are less accurate (more spread when damaged), and have a greater chance of jamming after reloading. And Automatic Weapons now take 5 seconds to cool down (default was just 1 sec).

- Reduced shooting accuracy when walking or running (there was no penalty for either in the default game). But added a 10% increase in crouch bonus (over default bonus), which results in 50% less spread when firing a weapon from the crouched (sneak) position.

- Improved Grenade physics . . . much less bounce and will now longer slide like on ice (increased friction). I'm now able to throw a grenade much more accurately . . . without it bouncing and sliding like crazy.

- More realistic Death Force physics - this was impossible for me to get exactly right, since different bodies react very differently . . . but most bodies should now fly much less unrealistically through the air upon death (this was needed so I could bring my next actor effects into the game, and have semi-realistic results).

- Immersive visual changes: Increased Impact Shader Maximum Distance by 4 times the default distance (from ~234 to ~937 feet), so you will now see bullet

- Improvements were made to NPC's armor and weapons . . . across all levels . . . many of your opponents should a be quite a bit more challenging. But the NPC's armor (and sometimes their weapon) is now damaged upon their death.

- More Caps for Merchants - all merchants now have twice as many caps (Wasteland currency).

Увеличивает скорость бега, чтобы не ползать по Пустошам аки улитка.
Этот мод во многих местах (там, где это не обязательно) убирает невидимые стены. Свобода передвижению!
No Auto Aim - by EddieV223
В Ф3 и Лас Вегасе пули иногда могут лететь по совершенно кривой траектории рандомным образом. No Auto Aim убирает этот эффект, не оказывая, между тем, никакого действия на VATS или на траекторию пуль в зависимости от уровня умений.


Perk Every Level - by Phoenixfang55

Название мода говорит само за себя. Поскольку в New Vegas способности получаются каждые два уровня, а количество зашкаливает за 100, то с помощью этого мода вы сможете посмотреть и использовать большее их количество.
Bullet Time - by ClanFear

13 полезных и интересных модификаций
Fallout: New Vegas - 13 полезных и интересных модификаций13 полезных и интересных модификаций
Добавляет интересную возможность в игру: замедление времени. В инвентаре у вас появляется предмет, который сможет замедлять время (вы тоже замедлитесь вместе с ним). Можно выставить и силу замедления, и количество Action Points, которые он будет тратить, а также визуальный эффект.
Portable Campsite - by Antistar

13 полезных и интересных модификаций
Fallout: New Vegas - 13 полезных и интересных модификаций13 полезных и интересных модификаций

Полезен в режиме Hardcore. Добавляет некоторым продавцам (например, Чету в Гудспрингс) спальный мешок и костер, которые вы сможете таскать в своем инвентаре и ставить там, где это может быть нужно.
С этим модом игра не закончится сразу после последней миссии. Вы окажетесь за дверьми казино и сможете бродить дальше сколько душе угодно.
Usable Cigarettes - by God of Alcohol

13 полезных и интересных модификаций
Fallout: New Vegas - 13 полезных и интересных модификаций13 полезных и интересных модификаций
Добавляет в игру курительные и декоративные сигареты. После установки мода у вас появится возможность спросить сигарету у некоторых NPC, которые с 35% вероятностью могут ее вам вручить. Эту сигарету можно раскурить или просто дать вашему персонажу, чтобы она постоянно была у него во рту. Лучше использовать в режиме от третьего лица.
Civil Defense Radio – by Macabre Productions
Это порт одного из лучших радио модов для Fallout 3, который добавляет новую радиостанцию в Пип-Бое. Если сразу не появляется, просто перейдите в другую локацию или дом.

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