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Плюсатор Delvig 15


Вышел патч 1.03

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Список изменений (на англ.):

Single Player

Fix some randomcrash occurring during specific Malariaattacks

Fix health damage notfollowing the difficulty level when switching difficulty duringplayer's walkthrough

Fix some camera issue whenusing a mortar near a rock


Add the possibility toplay Rank matches on a selection of user maps

Add deaths in scoreboard

Balance current damagemodel

Show VIP on Scoreboard(for your team only)

Players can stay on thesame host for consecutive matches in Ranked match

Add a Quick match buttonwhen selecting a map in the Map community

Fix vehicles spawning ontheir initial position immediately after being destroyed by anexplosion

Fix client beingdisconnected from the host randomly and not being able to see itafter that

Fix death message does notappear randomly

Fixsome issues when interacting with objects

Fix bandolier doesn'talways unlock extra ammo

Fix some bug when healinganother player and getting wounded at the same time

Fix diamond gain in rankmode

Fix players don't get arequest to keep a map after playing on a IGE map

DLC Fix some issues whenusing the crossbow

Dedicated server

Add remote control Remove "shaky"interface

Reduce approximately 80%of CPU usage

Reduce approximately 50%of memory usage

Extra feature

Add a"hardcore mode" that will provide a new damage model where allweapons do much more damage to increase realism.

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