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      Fumiko Games

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      Fumiko Games

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    • Описание:
      Игра представляет собой 3D платформер от третьего лица, в котором мы исследуем мир виртуальных сетей. Источником вдохновения разработчиков был аниме-сериал Serial Experiments Lain.
    • Описание разработчика:
      Inspired by Serial Experiments Lain, this game takes you on a surreal trip through a twisted virtual network. Uncover the secrets this world tries to hide from you: an artificial intelligence named "Fumiko"!

      Fumiko! combines rewarding exploration with a new approach to 3D platforming. You'll quickly be unbound from gravity. No jump will be too short. This game is a dystopian sci-fi thriller that wants to be explored thoroughly.

      Besides offering more than 6 hours worth of story content, Fumiko! offers you:

      • Handcrafted and Unique Levels and Social Areas to explore ranging from small player homes to big public spaces
      • Enemy A.I.s seeking your destruction while you escape from the testing lab, unique abilities to bypass them
      • Fumiko overwriting her jump modules to gain Ridiculous Jump Height, speeding through the air with an Endless Dash module
      • Collect Memory Fragments to uncover the dystopian secrets behind the network
      • Supports the Xbox, Xbox360 and Steam Controller in addition to keyboard & mouse controls