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Subvein 0.67

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Список изменений(на английском языке):



New players will start at level 10. Everyone has been given +1000 mutation :D


Frenzy now waits 5s before draining your ROF instead of 3s. It'll also last 1s longer at all levels.

Forcefields, reduced the explosion range from 12m to 10m. Max hp is now 120hp instead of 150hp.

Venom Shot no longer seeks vehicles, and should seek in a straight line better.

Infection no longer lasts forever.

Dash stamina loss increases by 8% instead of 10% a level.

Blackhole starting size is now 5m instead of 6m and the max size is now 10m instead of 15m.

Critical Shot self damage is 130% at lvl 10 instead of 120%.

Static Charges now reduces bullet speed by 5% a level instead of 4% a level, with a max of 18 charges.

Plasma Ball range is now 4.5m instead of 4m.

Vapor slows by 4% a level instead of 5%.

Stolen Seekers now has a 70% stealing chance at lvl 10 instead of 50%.


Fixed a bug where spawn invulnerability wouldn't last on you for the 2s after shooting/moving.

Fixed a netcode warp when your sprint runs out.


bx_Contaminant - a super dark and spooky map made by gamedroid_x. Really impressive use of particle zones and overall jolly good fun :D


Self Repair mana cost is now 50 instead of 40.

Corpse Construction fixed a bug with max limit, and no longer plays sound twice on casting. Mana cost is only 5 instead of 10.

Bullet Rupture penalty only affects you when within your OWN radiation field.. not others.

Force Fields now deal the same 30hp damage (lvl 10) to both you AND enemies. This deals more damage to yourself and less to enemies.

Bouncing Bullets will now bounce at a fixed speed of 20%. Leveling the skill up will now increase it's damage instead. At level 1 they only deal 5% damage, at level 10 50% damage. Before, level 1 Bouncing bullets was probably the best, because it gave you the most FF hitpoints and the speed wasn't such a big deal as most of the time it was close range fighting. Now you need to get higher levels for it to be useful, which means you need to sacrifice our FF hitpoints.

When Black Hole is empty it will no longer slow your movement speed but will instead slow your bullet speed. The self slowing just didn't work well with lag.

Darkness now stops at 100%. It no longer goes up to 200% which gave an extra second of darkness after BH finished.

Blade Fury weapon spread is now only 0.4 degrees per blade instead of 0.5. Mana cost is only 70 instead of 80 and recharge time is 10s instead of 15s.

Disabling Drop no longer reduces your sprint per jump. It was just too annoying. Now it'll reduce your max sprint just like regen reduces your max health. At level 10 it will remove 2s of max sprint.

Critical shot happens 25% of the time instead of 30% of the time at level 10.

Venom Shot healing range goes from 2.5m to 4m. It was too tricky (especially with lag) to get next to and stay next to someone before. 4m is still packed tightly enough to suffer from all the AOE skills.

Shockwave now makes your shocked victim's harder to kill instead of making them deal more damage. The extra damage they dealt was too easily dodged. Now, at level 10 they will take 60% weapon damage while shocked. This is only weapon damage however.. so conduction, plasma and vapor combos will do wonders. Recharge time is now 7s instead of 6s.

Conduction now instantly damages you if you shoot into an enemy with no other enemies around. This damage cannot be dodged. A spark will be created but it's purely graphical - the damage will already be dealt by the time it reaches you. Conduction range now goes up slightly with level, 15m at level 10 instead of 10m.

Static Charges will now regenerate mana for everyone, not just allies.

Bullet Time penalty has been reduced down to 120% at level 10. Mana cost is now 40 instead of 50.

If you get Plasma ROF into the positives, it will only tick down at a rate of 5% per second, instead of 10% a second.


Gallant hp 1200 from 1500.

Pickup hp 1200 from 1500.

Radar Truck hp 1000 from 1500.


Grenade vehicle multiplier x4 from x3.

Bazooka damage 75 from 90; vehicle multiplier 13 from 11.

USP damage 15 from 14.

UZI vehicle mult 0.7 from 0.65.

MP5 vehicle mult 0.75 from 0.65.

M3 vehicle mult 0.65 from 0.6.

SPAS vehicle mult 0.65 from 0.6.

Blast Cannon ammo 50 from 75.

AK47 vehicle mult 0.9 from 0.85.

M4A1 vehicle mult 0.9 from 0.85.

M60 vehicle mult 1.3 from 1.2.


Fixed a bug where you couldn't invest skill points in the menu.

Fixed a bug where you could use skill tokens to shift all your skill points up to higher levels without having the required X points invested into lower levels.

Fixed a bug with illegal characters being found in clan tags.

Fixed a bug where holding down E allowed you to zoom alongside a car.

Fixed a graphical glitch in the server lobby.

Fixed a bug where you wouldn't see other player's bullets shoot upwards. This resulted in all sorts of weird things like being hit by 'invisible bullets', grenades and plasma not firing as far as they should, etc..

Fixed a few warping issues in netcode.


Disintegration has been removed.

Damage reduction and regen from Support is now displayed in the status area.


This version introduces a massively fundamental change to the skills in Subvein. Skills no longer IMPROVE your character but rather CUSTOMIZE your character. Ideally a level 100 shouldn't have any unfair advantage over a level 1 player. What the level 100 has however are customizations, which make his character more fun to play and only if he's SKILLFUL will provide him an advantage in combat. These customizations make you better in some situations, but worse in others.

All skills now have penalties. These penalties balance against the benefits of the skill and further define the role and behavior of the skill. This means that a level 100 character will have 100 points worth of skills, but he'll also have 100 points worth of skill penalties, which should balance him against a level 1 player. The overall playing experience should reward SKILL rather than SKILLS, and will be a lot more enjoyable for new players too. Anyway, on with the show! There are a LOT of changes so I'll only list the general idea behind the new skills. Btw, with this many changes most of my balances are just stabs in the dark. We're going to need to playtest all the skills hardcore to make them nice and balanced for next version.


Self Repair is no longer instant but heals at a rate of 20% max hp per second. Leveling it up increases how long it lasts. The penalty is that once cast you won't be able to move until it finishes, making you a sitting duck if you cast it at the wrong time.

Corpse Construction is now an active skill which can only be cast once per life. The penalty for casting Corpse Construction is an initial reduction in your max hitpoints. If you don't cast it it'll have no effect on you.

Static Shield is now called Invulnerability and is an addon to Corpse Construction. It'll only work if you've cast Corpse Construction on yourself. The penalty is constantly reduced weapon damage (just like how Disintegration works atm). Basically a tradeoff between damage vs protection.

Radiate now damages yourself when cast. Only cast when you have enough hitpoints.

Stagnation now slows yourself when cast. Casting at the wrong time will make you a sitting duck. It's a good idea to cast Self Repair right after Radiate as Self Repairs movement freeze nullifies Stagnation's slow and the fast healing cancels Radiate's damage.

Rupture is now called Bullet Rupture and increases your weapon spread (inaccuracy) whenever you're stagnated.

Frenzy will now reduce your ROF by 3% per second if you haven't hit anyone for 3 seconds. This means if you cast it at the wrong time when there's not enough enemies around your ROF will decrease.

Weapon Handling fixes a bug with recoil (it actually wasn't working last version), but also makes you move slower whenever in a state of Frenzy.

Clip Magnet makes you take longer to reload while in a state of Frenzy. As long as you can hit your targets well you shouldn't need to reload.. but if you suck at aiming you'll get stuck reloading for too long and will start to lose ROF from Frenzy.

Force Fields now damage you a little bit whenever they explode. They've also been changed so leveling them up doesn't increase their hitpoints but rather their size. At level 15 you almost have complete coverage as the forcefields make a diamond around you.

Bouncing Bullets make your force fields have less hitpoints, effectively tweaking Force Fields from a defensive skill to an offensive one.


Regen now reduces your max hp down to 80 at lvl 10. Makes you more fragile which should be ok for well played 1v1 style Mental chap.

Black Hole and Darkness will now apply to YOURSELF if there are no enemies within your BH. This provides a very interesting dynamic where you have to 'farm' your enemy for about 4s before you kill him, otherwise you'll end up slowing/darkening yourself. It also makes Dash an excellent counter to BH, and an essential skill to have if you're using it.

Blade Fury now makes your weapon spread worse per blade. Each blade makes your spread increase by 0.5 degrees. This makes you shitty over long range, even with a sniper.. but of course your blades are deadly up close.

Silver Shield now drains your blades when it takes damage. The higher your level of Silver Shield the more damage you protect, but the faster your blades run out.

Invisibility will now make you deal 50% damage for X seconds after coming out of Invis. 0.6s at lvl 1 and 1.5s at level 10. While you'll always have the first shot and the element of surprise, this gives enemies with fast reflexes an opportunity to spin around and beat you with their superior weapon damage. This also stops the very annoying and uncounterable 1-shot kill with a knife/shotgun. Also, radar trucks no longer reveal invisibility.

Dash increases the rate that you burn stamina. At level 1 it's 110%, at level 10 it's 200%. The sprint speed has been increased up to 200% at level 10, and the way Invis speed works has changed: when not sprinting Invis will always make you move at 60% speed. Dash only has an effect on Invisibility while SPRINTING. At level 10 Invis sprint speed is 200% (same as non-invis), and once you get into the synergies it becomes faster to travel in Invis.

Disabling Drop now costs a little bit of stamina everytime you jump. This is a subtle penalty as DD is a subtle skill. At level 10 it will cost 1.5s worth of stamina to jump.

Critical Shot increases your incoming weapon damage. At level 10 you take 120% incoming weapon damage. You deal more damage, but take more damage. Good for builds that don't expect to take much damage anyway (invis, disabling drop, darkness, etc..).

Venom Shot has a very interesting tweak where venom will HEAL your victims if they're within 2m of another mutant. This is any mutant, even yourself. This means Venom is great in a 1v1 situation, but very foolish to cast in a 2v2 or if there are lots of other mutants nearby. Cast it in a 2v2 and they'll simply run up next to their ally and gain an extra +7hp/s of healing. In a 1v1 their only chance to heal is to run up and try to get within 2m of YOU. This works wonders with other Mental skills. It means they'll be running directly into your Black Hole or Blade Fury, and if you have Dash you can always keep them just out of reach.

Infection remains the same. Infection simply results in more enemies being poisoned, and thus results in greater damage but also greater healing. It's very interesting because now players have an actual incentive to run towards their allies, which is exactly what you want them to do as it'll spread your infection. However you want to kill them just as they reach their allies, otherwise they'll BOTH start healing. I can imagine some very interesting team dynamics happening where players will intentionally get themselves infected by their allies so they can get free healing. We might see packs of 3 or 4 enemies all walking around in a massive group to get the heal. However, 3 or 4 enemies all packed so tightly together is a goldmine for certain skills that you or your allies might have, such as farming Black Hole, Plasma, Radiate, Shockwave, etc..


Vampirism now reduces your bullet damage.

Shockwave now makes your shocked victims deal extra damage.

Conduction will now spark towards you if there are no enemies near your conducted victim.

Energize will now burn through your ammo at a faster rate.

Mana Drain has been completely removed and replaced with "Static Charges". Shooting enemies will an energized gun will add charges to your victims, and this will cause their bullets to fire slower. However, if they use their barrier they and nearby allies will rapidly regen mana.

Bullet Time now makes you take more damage while active.

SlowMo Speedup now makes enemy bullets seek towards you.

Stolen Seekers now speeds up your enemies bullets slightly for 1s after it triggers.

Plasma Ball now deals damage based on the distance it travels. The penalty is a reduced ROF upon casting the skill, however you get ROF back based onthe damage you deal to damage enemies.

Firestorm is the same as it scales with Plasma Ball.

Vaporize now triggers after your Plasma Ball's explode and the damage is the same as the damage of the plasma ball when it explodes.


All closed passenger seats now have a full 180 degree range on their side of the car, instead of 160. The recoil is now greatly improved too.


Reduced most weapons to 80% damage. This is because of the removal of Disintegration.

A list of all the changes for v0.64. Didn't get as much content done this version as I wanted because I had to screw around with hosting companies and such, so this is mostly a balance/bug fix patch. We'll probably only need 1 more of these until everything is nice and stable enough for me to start adding more content again.


CP_Canal - a dashing new map nice and wide for vehicles. Made by bencelot.

cp_Facility - another dashing new map ALSO wide for vehicles. Made by gamedroid_x.

bx_oil - and another dashing new map, this one with lots of cool little paths and stuff. Made by _Madk


Newbie Shield (now to be known as Newbie Halo of Love) is now displayed. It doesn't do anything, just helps recognise new players who might need help. Lasts 15mins.

Gangsters deal less damage.

Your stamina now recharges twice as fast if you're not moving.

Default key for chatting is now Y and ENTER. A black box comes up behind text when you're chatting.

The reward value for checkpoint/extraction increases at a faster rate while that value is low, and slows down once it gets to higher values. This means you're going to earn more respect by extracting 2 flags per minute than 1 flag per minute.

Reworked the rules of friendly fire a bit. Vehicles on the same team won't damage eachother in a collision. Skills won't harm allies who have accidently shot you and have the little skull icon.

Made [] a part of the clan tag format. This makes it easier to tell what your clan is. Eg: [clan] player


Disintegrate curve is now less extreme. It starts off the same until level 30 or so but then flattens out more, resulting in levels 31 and up doing a bit more damage than last version. I've also gone through most of the weapons and buffed their damage by 20% so overall the weapons should feel a lot more powerful than before. Here a few comparison points from v0.63 vs v0.64:

Lvl 10: 85% vs 85%

Lvl 20: 75% vs 75%

Lvl 30: 70% vs 70%

Lvl 40: 65% vs 68%

Lvl 50: 60% vs 66%

Lvl 100: 50% vs 56%

Invisibility can now be disabled instantly and even if you have low mana.

Bullet Time, Invis and Force Fields can't be cast while holding an objective.

Shield now called Static Shield to avoid confusion between barrier, force fields, etc.. Cooldown is the same but it doesn't last as long at higher levels. At lvl 10 it's now 1s instead of 1.3s, and at lvl 15 it's now 1.25s instead of 1.8s.

Force Fields gaps are a little bit smaller.

Corpse Construction now only gives 15hp per kill at lvl 10 instead of 20hp.

Hitting an enemy with Frenzy won't completely reset the timer but will wind it back by 2 seconds, making it harder to keep alive.

Rupture no longer triggers on gangsters killed by Rupture. If a gangster is killed while stagnated it will explode, but only if it is stagnated. As much fun as it was to see the chain reaction of 20 gangsters all dying it was ridiculously OP and situational. Joining a server with 50 gangsters on a small map where the gangsters spawn next to the players (BX_Tower, CP_Downtown, etc..) was too insane.

Blade Fury now only does 3hp/s per slash instead of 4hp/s. Blades no longer burst upon death.

Critical Shot now does 250% damage instead of 300%. Frequency remains the same.

Energize now increases more per kill (+10% at lvl 10 instead of +6%).

Bullet Time duration down to 220s from 330s.

Shockwave mana cost down to 40 from 50 and recharge down to 6 from 7s. No longer applies conduction to spawn shielders.

Conduction damage back down to 50% at lvl 10 from 60%.

Vaporize gets a pretty huge change. The problem before was you got 0 kills from players who knew how it worked and heaps of from those who didn't and would just randomly run into it. It's too situational to be used as area denial as it only really denies if the map was designed with small chokepoints. So now the values have been tweaked so it behaves as more of a splash damage addon. Much shorter duration, but bigger range and damage. So it's not going to plague a spawn zone for 30seconds, but rather if you manage to kill a dude with Plasma, he'll vaporize and any enemies nearby best escape quick smart or else they'll vaporize too. This will only last a short period of time however. At level 10 the duration is now 5s (from 35s), the damage is now 50 hp/s (from 40hp/s) and the range is now 6m instead of 5m. Should be interesting.


Grenade damage 77 up from 60.

Bazooka damage 98 up from 90. Now does 980 damage vs vehicles.

USP now does 17 damage up from 15.

Deagle now does 32 damage up from 26.

Shock Revolver now does 25 damage up from 20. No longer shocks. Now penetrates barrier.

UZI damage 20 up from 16.

MP5 damage 22 up from 18.

M3 damage 16 up from 14. RPM 100 up from 80.

Spas damage 17 up from 15.

Nailgun damage 28 up from 25. Bullets now penetrate players allowing you to hit multiple targets.

Blast Cannon damage 19 up from 18.

AK47 damage 30 up from 25.

M4A1 damage 24 up from 20.

M249 damage 19 up from 16.

M60 damage 35 up from 30.

Seek rifle damage 22 up from 18.

Minigun damage 45 up from 35. Vehicle damage multiplier 2 up from 1.5.

Ruger damage 52 up from 40.

Railgun no longer shocks. Movement recoil down to 5 from 10.


Gallant now has 1500hp from 1200.

Loafer now has 1000hp from 750hp.

Camper Regen Rate is now 7.5 istead of 6hp/s.

Pickup now has 1500hp instead of 1200.

Torpedo now costs 10000 instead of 12000.

Hornet now has 2000hp instead of 1500.

Fixed a the muzzle flash locations on the Extraction Truck.


Fixed an issue with players sometimes not validating at the start of the round.

Fixed a crash in the map editor when you'd delete lights.


An in-game changelog!

Can now see server hosts in the lobby.

New time-saving option to deallocate all of your skills at once.


You now receive 1 skill token per community credit. This is x10 faster than before!! You also receive 100 community credits for submitting your reference instead of 50, which means that everyone has at least 100 skill tokens, many will have much more. For v0.63 I will not be giving free respecs. I've cleared everyone's spent skill tokens and you can use them to respec yourself. I want to test the new system and see how quickly the average player uses skill tokens.

When v0.64 comes out I will reset everyone's skill tokens again and keep doing so everytime I patch the game until I feel that the 3 skill trees have been sufficiently balanced. Then I'll do 1 final reset of both skills and skill tokens and let the system take over completely. Don't worry, I'll make sure you know when the final skill reset will be.


Fixed a bug where awards weren't being recorded.

Fixed a bug where the console always jumped to the bottom while trying to read.

Fixed a bug where kill/chat logs faded slowly without vysnc.

Fixed a bug with downloaded textures.

Made the startup tutorial better.

Fixed a bug where spawn shield would flicker upon moving.

Fixed a bug where the extraction truck would get stuck inside a wall.

Fixed a bug where throwing a grenade would cause your weapon to reload.

Fixed a bug where your baseball bat/light saber wouldn't display after firing a nade.

Fixed a bug where you would lose your taunts and controls if the game crashed.


bx_QtrexMap - made by Fructdw. A gorgeous looking map which is a labyrinth of roads set high above a deady sea. Brings a really interesting dynamic that isn't seen in many other maps.. which is the ability to shoot at someone across the water, but not be able to run up towards them.


CP_Foundation - made by swiss. It's been updated to support checkpoint and is much wider and nicer for vehicle driving. Each lap consists of a lap around the top and then around the bottom of the map. Good fun :)

BX_Silo - made by bencelot. Reduced the amount of rain and removed the full collision property on the center pilons. This allows for better sniping.


A fairly significant change here: Subvein now has a new skill called Disintegration. This skill is SPECIAL as it levels itself automatically whenever you invest a skill point elsewhere. It's also special because it HURTS you. This skill is for balance. What it does is disintegrate your bullets so they deal less damage against other players the higher your level. This means higher level players deal less weapon damage, but obviously have more skills. Lower level players don't have the skills, but have the weapon damage. This balance is to give new players a chance and take grinding out of the equation.


Roadkills are slightly harder to pull off.

As a driver in a vehicle you can shoot out the window if you haven't touched the controls for 2s.

Spawn invulnerability lasts for 2s after you start moving/shooting.

Light saber no longer leaves it's decal on gangster kills.

Pinging now covers a larger area of the map.

Made the extraction arrow larger and put a distance counter on it.

Mercs can now be enabled while doing team victory in battle mode.


Corpse Construction gives you 1 extra hp per level, doubling it's effectiveness at lvl 10. Gangsters give 3 at all level.

Force fields now darken with the map colour and have slightly more health.

Bouncing Bullets now steer and move slightly faster.

Bullet Time gets a significant change where it's duration is dependent upon the number of bullets within it. It you have no bullets in it it effectively becomes permanent like Force Fields or Blade Fury. This allows you to precast BT and let your mana regenerate so you can use it simultaneously with Plasma or Shockwave. The range now increases by 0.1m per level instead of 0.2, because you don't want to be catching unnecessary bullets. To compensate, the bullets travel slower at 2% instead of 2.5%. At level 1 it lasts a total of 60s and at lvl 10 it lasts 600s. The mana cost is now 50 with a recharge time of 10. Bullet Time also darkens with the map colour too.

SlowMoSpeedup allows allied bullets to travel faster at 5% instead of 4% a level.

Shockwave's recharge time is now 7s.

Venom Shot's steering speed is back up to 30 from 20 and the mana cost is down to 20 from 25. With less mana and more seek you should be able to spam and stack it onto your victim. The way it's meant to play is true to the 1v1 nature of Mental players.. don't randomly throw your venom around, as a single venom on an enemy does little. Focus it all on the one dude for very high, cheap damage.

Critical Shot now deal TRIPLE damage (not double), but only happens 2% per level, not 3%. Overall this makes the skill give you 140% damage at level 10 instead of 130%, however it is more likely to overshoot and waste some of the excess damage. The reason for the change is so even at level 100 with 50% disintegration your critical bullets deal more damage than a newbies level 1 bullets. It also means that as you disintegrate your critical shot actually becomes more useful, as your bullets deal less damage and the excess waste is reduced.

Plasma Ball does 1hp less damage at all levels. This means you need to get it to lvl 11 to kill someone with a 4 shot. Mana cost is now 35 from 30 and recharge is now 4s from 3s. Plasma was very slightly OP before.. but this gives you 1 extra second to kill the plasma user before he can fire it again.

Firestorm values have been rearranged to focus more on the x2 shot and less on the x3 or x4 shot. At level 10 it's now:

4x = 5%

3x = 15%

2x = 40%

Blade Fury blades now have a max hp of 12, not 20. This means that when they burst they only deal 60% of the previous damage, and also when they're grinding they can't last as long. Blade Fury should be more about getting close and personal than about going on a kamikaze mission just to explode all your blades everywhere. No longer loses health on vehicles.

Silver shield now protects you for a max of 4hp per blade at all levels. At level 10 it used to be 14hp per blade. Assuming you've got level 10 Blade Fury which gives you 25 blades, Silver Shield now protects you from 100hp of damage compared to the previous 350hp, which was kinda insane. So in a way Silver Shield gives you +100hp. But ONLY if you don't die before it all runs out. It's still useless against snipers and machine guns and other high damage weapons. But against pistols, Uzis and shotguns it's priceless.

Conduction now has a smaller range (20 to 15m at lvl 10), but deals significantly more damage with 60% up from 50% at level 10. The sparks also travel faster making them harder to dodge.

Radiate now deals less damage per second, making it deal only 60hp damage (same as venom). Recharge time is not 6s instead of 5s.

Stagnation doesn't slow you down as much anymore. At lvl 10 it used to be 50%, now it's 65%. The lingering slow is also 5% faster at all levels. However, the lingering slow lasts for an extra second at all levels, which will help trigger Rupture more often.

Clip Magnet stealing change is 10% higher at level 10.


All weapons are now made weaker through Disintegration (though only against other players, not against gangsters or vehicles). The higher your level, the less damage your weapons do. The only exception to this is the knife which remains the same.

Bazooka now deals 90 damage vs players and 990 damage vs vehicles. Now costs $4000. This will see more bazooka vs vehicle shots and less 1-shot kills. It also prevents higher level players getting annoyed that their bazooka no longer 1-shot kills due to Disintegration. Now it never 1 shot kills, so it's no biggie.

M60 now has a movement speed of 0.7 instead of 0.6.

M249 now has a movement speed of 0.7 instead of 0.75.

Minigun now has a clipsize of 300.

Ruger damage is now 40 instead of 50. Bullet fade is now 1.2 instead of 1.5. Clip Size is now 10 instead of 5, and RPM is now 100 instead of 75.

PSG1 bullet fadeoff is now 1.8 instead of 2.0.


Loafer has takes 4 seats! For really cheap and fragile team based driveby potential.

Camper now has 3000 hp instead of 2000 hp, with a regen rate of 6 instead of 10, and costs 7500 instead of 7000.

Pickup now has 1500hp instead of 1200hp, but the 3rd passenger takes 35% damage instead of 25%.

Radar Truck now costs $4000 but with only 1500hp and 8 hp/s regen. More spammy.

Flatbed damage back seats now take 35% damage instead of 30%.


Netcode. Improved hit detection.

Fixed a really bad bug where the server and all clients would crash.

Fixed a bug where mercenaries would see other mercenary vehicles in the minimap.

Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor would occasionally jump to the top left.

Fixed a really strange bug where players couldn't die (I think).

Subvein Autostart.cmd will always open a game in windowed mode.

Ingame updating should restart the game for you.


Added a quick tutorial for new players.


Added a fast-paced battle map by Fructdw called bx_FdwCurtain


I've removed the +0.5, -0.05, -0.5 stats system per skill. While it does add some strategic depth, it mostly goes unnoticed and the extra complexity doesn't justify it. Most of the complexity and confusion came from the negative statistics.. but if I were to simply remove them without removing the positive statistics then higher level players would have even more of an advantage against lower level players. Also, only Physicals with their additional hitpoints wer really noticable anyway. 10s sprint is plenty and the effects of barrier aren't all that noticable. It pains me to undo an existing system but I think it's for the best.

All players at all levels now have 100hp, 100 barrier, and 10s sprint. The system is now easier for new players to understand. It's also cleaner. Knowing that all players have exactly 100hp allows you to construct your skill builds more precisely. Because I've reduced the hitpoints and barrier to 66%, I'll be reducing the damage of most of the weapons, skills and vehicles too. Also, in the name of simplicity I'm going to make your barrier and mana have a 1:1 relationship. This means you now have 100 max mana. To deal with however, all skills have 2x the mana cost, and the mana regen rate is also doubled. Effectively, there is no change. The number's just match up better.


Support now regens your mana at the same rate that it regens your health.

By default you start on a team in Battle, not as a merc. Merc is too confusing for new players.

The default server size is now 16, not 32.

Spawn Invulnerability will remain on you for 1 second after moving or firing. This means if you happen to spawn inside an infection trail or a vapor cloud, you can get out of it safely. It also combats spawn camping, though this wasn't really much of a problem.

Driving into a player who still has the spawn shield on won't push them back.

The leveling curve for quickmatch is now insanely fast. If two players join at level 1, and take turns killing eachother, they will both level up on every single kill till they reach about level 10, when they'll start leveling up every 2nd kill.


All active skills have 2x the mana cost (because we now have 2x the max mana and mana regen).

Most skills deal/heal about 66% (because we now have 66% as much hp & barrier).

Self Repair stays the same (as it's % based).

Corpse Construction stays the same, making it considerably more powerful.

Force Fields HP reduced to 60%. Damage remains the same.

Frenzy lasts 1 second less.

Radiate range only increases by 0.2m instead of 0.3m per level.

Radiate duration is now 3s down from 4s. This means 75% total damage, and considering that it's the duration and not the DPS that is decreased Radiate is improved. However...

Stagnation movement speed at level 10 is now 50% instead of 40%.

Bullet rupture pellets fly faster through the air, and keep the damage damage. Making it quite a bit stronger.

Regeneration healing rate is 0.4 per level instead of 0.5. Comparatively this is an improvement.

Invisibility mana costs are doubled (effectively no change made).

Dash's Invis movement speed now starts at 50% instead of 60%.

Black Hole's recharge time is now 10s instead of 20s.

Black Hole's lvl 10 duration is now 6s down from 8s.

Black Hole's starting range is 6m at all levels.

Black Hole no longer grows on Shielded enemies.

Black Hole's twirling speed increased.

Black Hole's growing rate is now 50% faster.

Black Hole's movement speed drops by 5% per level instead of 4%.

Black Hole's intensity at the outer edge is now 50% instead of 0%. See the picture. Blue are the new values. The intensity affects the movement speed, the rate of growing and the darkness speed.

Darkness now grows at a rate of 10%/s per level instead of 5% per level.


File comment: black hole intensity ranges


blackholiooio.jpg [ 35.42 KiB | Viewed 337 times ]

Disabling Drop range is now 6m at all levels.

Disabling Drop duration only increases by 0.2s instead of 0.3s per level.

Disabling Drop min ROF now drops by 3% per level, for only 20% at lvl 10 or 5% at lvl 15!

Disabling Drop now deals 10% ROF per meter fallen instead of 7% (at level 10).

Blade Fury slashing DPS is now 4 instead of 5. 80% > 66% and is thus an improvement.

Blade Fury max damage is now 20 instead of 25.

Silver Shield stays exactly the same, but because all weapons are being reduced by about 66% damage becomes significantly more powerful.

Venom Shot seek: 20 down from 30.

Venom Shot total damage at lvl 10: 60 down from 96

Infection duration: 1s per level from 1.5s per level.

Infection is now easier to jump over.

Mana Drain values are doubled (as mana is doubled).

Stolen Seekers cutoff values reduced by 5.

Shockwave range is 1m less at all levels.

Shockwave duration is 1s for all levels against player/vehicles and 2s for all levels against projectiles.

Conduction now works slightly differently again. It has been improved in the sense that it collects 'charges' if there are no enemies nearby. What currently happens is you shockwave someone but they're all alone so your conduction is wasted. In v0.62, for every bullet you hit them with they gain a charge. This charge will stay with them until they come within range of an enemy, and then it will fire off. This means your charges are never wasted. Conducted players become 'ticking time bombs' that you don't want to go near incase they fire a whole bunch of sparks at you.

Plasma Ball now does 7 damage at level 1, and 25 damage at lvl 10 and 35 damage at level 15. This means at level 10 a 4x firestorm will be an insta kill, and at level 15 a 3x firestorm will be an insta kill.

Plasma Ball's splash range now increases by 0.15m instead of 0.1m per level.

Plasma ball's recharge time is now only 3s and mana cost has been reduced to 30% from 50%.

Vaporize range is now 5m instead of 4m. DPS stays the same, which buffs it.


All weapons have been reduced to 66% damage due to less hitpoints. Comparatively it's basically the same. Any weapons changed otherwise will be listed below.

Knife now does 135 damage. This is an instant kill vs a player, and 2 shot kill vs a barriered player.

Knife's rate of fire is now 50, down from 150. So a well executed knife strike is still 1 shot kill, but you can't just run towards someone and spam the knife. You need to choose your moment wisely. Because the ROF is so much lower, knife is now semi-auto like a pistol, instead of full auto like a rifle.

Grenade now does 60 damage. Slight buff.

Flashbang duration is now 4s instead of 5s. Size is 2 isntead of 1.

Bazooka now does 120 damage, but with a vehicle multiplier of 8 (resulting in the same damage vs vehicles). Movement speed is up to 0.6 from 0.5.

MP5 damage 18 rather than (20), and spread is 1.6 rather than 1.5.

Seek Rifle gets a 50% damage reduction (nerfed from 66%). It's RPM also goes down to 200 from 250.


General notes. Vehicles have the potential to be fun. REALLY fun. They should be like salt added to a finely balanced meal. Just a dash makes all the difference, and just a dash is all you need. Unfortunately, right now they're plagued with spam, explosions and roadkills. Both explosions and roadkills require little skill to pull off as the killer. They also require no teamwork, and of course they aren't fun to die from at all. What I WANT to see from vehicles is lots of teamwork and strategy and fun. They should also be rare and exciting when they come out, and shouldn't clutter up the battlefield. I'm making 5 general changes to vehicles:

1) Vehicles are more expensive and rare (like salt).

2) Vehicles expire quicker.

3) Vehicle explosions are weaker.

4) Roadkills are weaker.

5) Drivebys are stronger.

1) Because weapons all do 66% damage the vehicle's all last longer. I was going to make weapons do extra damage vs vehicles, but instead I'm going to leave the vehicles 'better', but make them more expensive. This makes vehicles more exciting to see in the battlefield, places a higher emphasis on capturing vehicles than buying for yourself, and reduces all the random cars lying around doing nothing.

2) Vehicles expire faster. They all used to last 60s, now they last about 30s (though it varies). This reduces a lot of the clutter and makes the battlefield cleaner. This is especially noticed when extracting the truck where there are usually heaps of burnt out vehicles lying around.

3) Vehicle explosions are much weaker now. Not only does this stop the annoying tactic of drive a car into enemies base, then blow it up, then repeat... but it also makes the explosion values more interesting. The damage dealt from various vehicles revolves around 100hp, so some will kill you and others won't.. making the ones that can kill you all the more important to get away from.

4) Roadkills are a lot weaker now too. Before you had to be travelling at 9m/s to kill someone with 150hp. Now you have to be travelling at 20m/s to kill someone with 100hp. I've also made it so barrier will protect you from roadkills, meaning you'd need to travel at 27m/s to kill someone with 200hp of combined hp and barrier. These speeds are still possible and if you manage to hit an enemy while travelling at those super fast speeds then you deserve the kill, but for the most part.. expect to die in actual earnt combat, than from some random car zooming past that neither one of you saw until it was too late. I want roadkills to be part of the game, but rare enough so when someone actually does get run over they type 'haha, well done', instead of 'ugh'.

5) Finally, driveby's are stronger. This comes in the form of the reduced damage against vehicles and more accurate/protective passenger seats. Right now they're all pretty inaccurate. I want players to WANT to hop into a Camper because they know they'll get a nice advantage out of it. Driveby's are fun and exciting because they require teamwork. All passenger seats are twice as accurate as they were before. Anyway, here are the specific changes:

All passenger seats in all vehicles are twice as accurate.

All vehicles have to travel twice as fast to run people over, and player's can defend even further with barrier.

Buggie expiry time is now 15s.

Buggie explosion damage now only 50hp from 120hp. Remember, this is if you're standing right next to the vehicle, it fades off over distance.

Gallant expiry time is now 30s.

Gallant explosion damage now only 85hp from 220hp.

Gallant costs $5000 instead of $4500.

Loafer expiry time is now 15s.

Loafer explosion damage now only 70hp from 250hp.

Camper expiry time is now 45s.

Camper explosion damage now 120hp from 300hp.

Camper costs $7000 instead of $5000.

Camper regen rate is now 10hp/s instead of 5hps.

Pickup expiry time is now 30s.

Pickup explosion damage now 85hp from 170hp.

3rd seat incoming damage reduced to 25% instead of 50%.

Pickup costs $6000 instead of $5000.

Pickup has 1200hp instead of 1000.

Roadster expiry time is now 45s.

Roadster explosion damage now 120hp from 300hp.

Torpedo expiry time is now 15s.

Torpedo explosion damage now 120hp from 300hp. Bomb explosion damage 400hp from 800hp.

Torpedo now costs $12000 instead of $10000.

Radar Truck expiry time is now 30s.

Radar Truck explosion damage now only 50hp from 120hp.

Radar Truck now costs $4000 instead of $5000.

Radar Truck regen rate is now 10 instead of 7.5.

Flat Bed expiry time is now 60s.

Flat Bed explosion damage now 180hp from 400hp.

3rd seat incoming damage reduced to 30% instead of 65%.

Flat Bed now costs $15000 instead of $10000.

Flat Bed now has 4000hp instead of 3000hp.

Hornet expiry time is now 45s.

Hornet explosion damage now 120hp from 200hp.

Hornet's missiles do 66% damage vs players but the same vs vehicles.

Extraction Truck mass 8000 to 10000. Regen rate 30 to 50. Flame cutoff 250 to 200. Basically, it'll only be on fire for 4s now, instead of 8.3s. All passenger seats have better accuracy.

Extraction Truck now has 5s of boost.


Fixed a bug where Z would crash if you have no active skills.

Infection no longer hits allies.

Tidied up the arrows in the extraction HUD box.

Humiliation server message sometimes didn't display SERVER:.

Can no longer hold the flag with spawn shield.

Downloading maps and textures should work properly now.

Netcode has some rather awesome improvements. It might need a bit of tweaking after testing with 400 ping, but overall it should make your actions a lot more responsive.

Auto updater now restarts the game for you (won't happen on this patch, but will the one after).


Newbie shield only lasts for the first 30minutes and only reduces down to 70% damage.

Killing yourself will remove 20% of your cash.

Activating your barrier now reduces your movement speed to 35%. Used to be 50%. Much easier to shoot you now.

There is now a limit to the rate you can earn respect from gangsters. You can earn a max of 10 respect per minute from gangsters. If you kill them any faster than this rate, you will recieve double cash, but no respect for the kill. This is to prevent respect farming.


Almost all weapons deal more damage to vehicles.

PSG1 and Ruger no longer have any force. This means you don't get nudged back slightly after every shot and have to keep repositioning yourself.


All vehicles take less damage from walls.

All vehicles now have more passenger seat accuracy.

Loafer has 750hp instead of 1000.

Flatbed has 3000hp instead of 2500.

Torpedo now costs $10000 and only has 1000hp.

Camper now only costs $5000.


Support range is now 6m at all levels (instead of 4 to 6m from lvl 1 to 20).

Shield duration mult is 0.1 instead of 0.2 per level. Shield cooldown now 2.5s longer for all levels.

Rupture now deals 15 damage per bullet instead of 10, and focus fires the shrapnel more accurately.

Critical Shot now 3% per level instead of 2.5%, anti-healing duration fixed at 5s.

Invis fade time down from 1.2s to 1.0s.

Blackhole starting range increased by 1m, movement speed improved from (0.92 to 0.65) to (0.86 to 0.5).

Disabling Drop range is now 5m at all levels (used to be 3.2 to 5).

Stagnation duration up by 1s.

Stolen Seekers steer speed up from 5 per level to 7 per level.

Venom Shot now has 30 degrees/s seek.

Conduction now works differently. It will only create sparks on a CONDUCTED enemy, not a shocked enemy. Conducted is a new status effect that can only be applied to enemies with Shockwave (not Shock Revolver or Railgun). Despite no longer triggering with a Shock Revolver, this is actually a very big improvement to the skill because Conducted lasts a lot longer. Before you only had about a 2s window to shoot at them. Now enemies will remain conducted for 6 to 15 seconds. So you run up, hit them with your shockwave and then they'll become conducted. Then whenever you shoot them within the next 15s they'll emit sparks.

Shockwave ranges changed from 7.7 to 14m up to 8 to 17m. Shockwave stun duration changed from 0.7 to 2.5s down to 0.6 to 1.5s. This shift from stun to range is because of 4 reasons. Firstly, Conduction no longer needs a long stun duration to work with. It's completely separate now. Secondly, a larger range allows you to conduct more enemies for Conduction. Thirdly, a larger range let's you capture more incoming bullets, making it a more defensive skill. Finally, a shorter duration makes it harder for players to do the shock/knife tactic as they waste time running in. This tactic is still valid and possible, but shouldn't be as effective as good ol' shooting.

Vampirism now works 30% with gangsters (used to be 25%).

Mana Drain now works 30% with gangsters (used to be 25%).

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