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Обновление от 09.09.2009

Обновление от 09.09.2009
Battlefield Heroes - Обновление от 09.09.2009Обновление от 09.09.2009

Вчера вышло новое обновление клиента для Battlefield Heroes. По большей части там решают технические проблемы.

- Подключится к игре с друзьями иногда было сложно. Теперь, когда вы пытаетесь присоединится к серверу, на котором нет места, вы будете добавлены в очередь. И когда появится свободный слот, произойдет автоматическое присоединение к игре.

- Усложнена жизнь читеров и хакеров.

- Исправлена проблема с ошибкой "Error 15".

- Исправлены проблемы с PunkBuster.

Также скоро выйдет новый контент, над которым сейчас упорно трудятся.

Оригинал под спойлером:

Hello Heroes!

These are some of the big fixes and additions that were added in today's technical update.

- We know joining a friends game in Heroes can be somewhat tricky. We’ve been working on a new feature to help improve this for you. Now, when you attempt to join a friend who’s game is full, you will be added to a queue to join automatically when a space comes up.

- We hate cheaters and hackers as much as you do. With this update we’ve implemented some new things to make their life MUCH harder.

- Quite a few of you have been experiencing “Error 15”. For the vast majority of the unlucky this should have now gone away.

While we’ve been working on this technical update, we’ve also been hard at work on a whole new content update. More on what you will find in that very soon!

Here’s the update list in full:

* Feature: Added support for queuing when trying to join a friend or a bookmarked server

* Exploit Fix: Fixed an issue that permitted a number of exploits and cheats being used by players.

* Bug Fix: Fixed an issue that was causing error 15 in a large number of servers

* Bug Fix: The game will update/patch properly now, even if you have updated your version of PunkBuster manually

* Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with banner ads not appearing correctly

* Bug Fix: Bookmarked Servers should now correctly display online/offline status

* Bug Fix: Fixed a number of bugs related to VIP system

* Bug Fix: Fixed a number of server side crashes

* Bug Fix: Added text strings that were missing

Having PunkBuster Issues?

We are aware some of you are having issues with PunkBuster, If so we recommend you follow our PunkBuster Troubleshooting Tips to manually update your version of PunkBuster.


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